Inverted papilloma

Inverted papillomas (IP) are benign tumors arising in the nasal cavity or the paranasal sinuses (Figure 1). Although benign, the clinical behaviour may be quite aggressive with displacement and infiltration of neighbouring structures and even malignant transformation (5–15%) IP do affect mainly men in their fifth and sixth decade of life. The etiology remains unknown.

Most common symptoms are unilateral nasal blockage, runny nose, headache, epistaxis and anosmia.

IP may co-exist with inflammatory polyps and secondarily chronic rhinosinusitis.

There is no medical treatment for IP, thus, surgery, mainly endoscopically through the nostril, is the treatment of choice. To assess its extension a preoperative CT scan and sometimes a MRI are needed (Video Clip 1).

IP may recurr even after a long time and therefore a long-term follow-up is indicated.

The Dept. of ORL has experience in over 90 cases of endoscopic removal during the last years.