Meningocele y meningoencephalocele

The meningocele is a protrusion of the meninges and encephalocele is a protrusion of intracranial contents, including brain tissue and meninges through a defect in the skull base to the nostrils. It is a very rare lesion with an incidence of 1 / 35,000 and are more frequent in anterior cranial fossa but sometimes develop in the sphenoid sinus (Figura 1) (Figura 2) (Figura 3) (Figure 4).

Fig 1: Definición Fig 2: Localización Fig 3: M. esfenoidal Fig 4: M. esfenoidal

The most common symptoms are: cerebrospinal fluid leak through the nostril, headache, signs of increased intracranial pressure or signs of meningitis if superinfection.

The main treatment is surgical repair by endoscopic sinus surgery (Video Clip 1).